Meet Marianna Couchie

The iGive Monthly Club holds incredible power, allowing our hospital to plan strategically and invest in the future, ensuring our loved ones have access to advanced healthcare close to home.

Dr. Kumar

Hello I am Marianna Couchie. Like you, I have been supporting our local hospital for many years – in fact, this year marks my 20th year of giving.

I find it rewarding to support the North Bay Regional Heath Centre (NBRHC). In my experience as both a patient and a community advocate, I can confidently say that NBRHC stands out as one of the finest hospitals. When faced with pancreatic cancer in 2019, the seamless transition of my treatments to NBRHC from another hospital was a source of immense relief. I’ll always remember the responsive and compassionate care provided by the NBRHC staff. I hold boundless praise for their dedication.

Growing up in Duchesnay, community pride and sharing go hand-in-hand. I learned the art of sharing young; as a teenager I contributed by volunteering in many community fundraising events – many of which involved fish frys. When we needed a community hall, our Duchesnay community came together to raise money, clear land and build a space for us all to gather, share and celebrate. That involvement set my resolve to help improve community whereever I live. Today I find myself in a position of gratitude, fortunate enough to be able to contribute to causes that matter to me and our community, including the larger city and patients from the wider community.

Throughout my time as Chief of Nipissing First Nation (2006-2015), I recognized the pivotal role our hospital plays in the well-being of our community. Access to healthcare close to home is so important, particularly during the winter months. This fueled my commitment to support our hospital.

I made my first donation during the campaign for the new hospital, when Nipissing First Nation pledged support for this important community project. Since then, I’ve witnessed incredible change and advancements in our community’s healthcare services thanks to the generosity of donors like us. Watching this progress has been truly heartwarming and it makes me feel happy and proud to contribute.

I believe in the value of supporting our local hospital. Not only do we help purchase advanced technology, but access to state-of-the-art equipment also helps attract skilled doctors for both the hospital and the community – an endeavor I understand intimately as someone currently without a family doctor.

I invite you to join me in making a collaborative impact on our hospital through the iGive Monthly Club. The ease and simplicity of monthly giving is a seamless part of my financial decisions. By contributing monthly, the Foundation can maximize our impact on care at our hospital. Your gift enhances the resilience of our hospital, strengthening our community’s healthcare infrastructure.

Last year, iGive Monthly Club members collectively donated more than $100,000 supporting the urgent medical equipment needs of our community, including surgical equipment, mental health programs, and mammography machines.

As an iGive Monthly Club member, you’ll not only be contributing to a cause you believe in, you will also enjoy several benefits, including:

  • A print copy of the Foundation’s Annual Impact Report;
  • Exclusive event invitations;
  • One consolidated tax receipt for all of your monthly gifts made in the previous calendar year, making it easier to keep track of at tax time;
  • Feeling good about helping the planet! While reducing the cost of postage, it also reduces paper and printing;
  • Free parking at the Health Centre. Simply drop by the Foundation office to say ‘Hi’ and to have your parking validated. Outside of office hours, just show your membership card at Security and they will validate your parking for you.

Please consider joining me and become a monthly donor today. The iGive Monthly Club holds incredible power, allowing our hospital to plan strategically and invest in the future, ensuring our loved ones have access to advanced healthcare close to home.

Becoming a monthly donor is easy. You can sign up online at, call the Foundation at 705-495-8125. I set my monthly contributions to be automatically drawn from my bank account, saving me from having to travel into town to make my donations.

Perhaps you have also experienced exceptional care at NBRHC like I have. I encourage you to consider making a monthly gift today. Your kindness and generosity will have a tangible impact on the lives of people in our community.

Thank you for considering this opportunity. I look forward to seeing the ongoing advancements at our hospital, thanks to community generosity.

With sincere gratitude,
Marianna Couchie, Monthly Donor


P.S.  Please consider giving at a level that is meaningful and comfortable to you. At NBRHC, monthly donors give anywhere between $8 and $1,000 per month, with the average gift being $38. (That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!).

Each month, your donation is automatically withdrawn from your bank account or credit card. It is a routine you can feel good about.