Employee Payroll Deduction

2024 Hospital Lottery

Please note this option is only available for current NBRHC employees.

Employee Payroll Deduction


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*Please Note: Payroll Deduction: I understand that I can stop this arrangement at any time with written notice to the Foundation before the 2024 draw begins on January 25th, 2024. (Payroll Deduction option is only available to NBRHC employees. Per pay deduction determined by $99 divided by number of pays remaining before the draw begins and any remaining balance will be deducted if payroll should cease for any reason).
2025 Lottery Buy Now Opportunity - Only available to NBRHC employees
(I would like $4.50 / pay deducted on a continuous basis to pre-pay for my 2025 lottery ticket beginning in January 2024. Any outstanding balance will be deducted during the last pay in 2024.)