Host Your Own Fundraising Event

An event is a fun way to support the hospital, meet people, learn new skills and enjoy public recognition. The possibilities are endless: sports tournaments, casual Fridays, a strawberry social, a gift-wrapping eventโ€ฆ let your imagination be your guide.

We are happy to offer you the following assistance:

  • Advice/expertise
  • Discuss ideas and best practices
  • Provide resources including templates and documents to assist you in planning and organizing a successful event
  • Issue tax receipts, if applicable (please discuss this with us first as NBRHCF adheres to all Canadian Revenue Agency guidelines)
  • List and share your event on social media
  • Provide approval for the use NBRHCFโ€™s name and/or logos
  • Provide a Letter of Support to validate the authenticity for your fundraising event
  • Offer representative(s) from NBRHCF to attend your event applicable and subject to availability
  • Help you create your own personal or group fundraising page

Contact Us:

If you or your group wishes to host a fundraising event for the Foundation, contact 705-495-8125 or [email protected].