Gift in Your Will

Most of us spend a lifetime contributing to a cause that’s close to out heart – like our hospital. But more and more Canadians are going one step further to leave a gift to charity in their Will. You can make a bigger contribution that you ever thought possible, without using any of the money you need now.

You don’t have to choose between your loved ones and charity when leaving a gifts in your Will.

Even 1% of your estate left to a charity can result in a BIG gift, while still leaving 99% for your loved ones.

Bob and Frankie Syme were inspired to donate because of the care they received at the Health Centre. They have included hospital in their Will, which will support advanced medical equipment for future generations.

β€œWe enjoy knowing the fruits of our working years will be helping others. We have had great care and treatment over the past few years.”

Why consider a legacy gift?

There are many ways to remember NBRHC Foundation in your Will. All gifts large and small make a real and lasting impact to the healthcare of your community.

Help your community overcome future health challenges: Choosing to remember NBRHC Foundation with a donation in your Will is the perfect way to let your values, ideals and compassion for the health of your community continue into the future.

Amplify your impact: It’s possible to make a more significant gift than you might otherwise be able to afford today. A planned gift has the chief advantage of not affecting your current financial resources.

Enjoy tax benefits: By including charitable gifts in your estate planning, you can reduce significant taxes payable upon your death.

Support an area meaningful to you: You can support a specific department or area of care at the Health Centre or support a particular fund, such as the education endowment.

Will Power

WillPower β„’

Often people think about contributing to the causes they care about with monthly donations or volunteering time, but there is a growing number of people who are going one step further to leave a gift to charity in their Wills.

Our commitment to you

NBRHC Foundation appreciates your commitment to the future healthcare needs or our community. We respect your privacy and the decisions you make while creating your Will.

NBRHC Building

Thank you for investing in your community’s healthcare.

Already included NBRHC Foundation in your Will? Please let us know so we can thank you.

For more information on including a gift in your Will Contact Kendra Clarke at 705-495-8129 or email [email protected].

Speak to your lawyer about including NBRHC Foundation in your Will.

Here is some information that may be helpful:

  • Our legal name is North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation
  • Our charitable registration number is 88773 1123 R0001
  • Our address is 50 College Dr., PO Box 2500, North Bay, ON P1B 5A4