Nbrhc registered nurse recognized with prestigious leadership award during nurses week 2022

May 10, 2022 | News

Surrounded by his peers and celebrated by leadership, Bryce Cherry, RN, Inpatient Surgery, was announced and presented as the 2022 Leslie Burt-Manary RN Leadership Award recipient.

This special award honours Leslie Burt-Manary, a dedicated nurse who died of cancer in 2017. To celebrate Leslie’s life, her mother established an endowment fund, and award as a lasting legacy to celebrate nursing leadership, which provides an annual grant for professional development. This year, Bryce Cherry, an incredible leader from Inpatient Surgery is the honoured recipient

Bryce has been an RN on Inpatient Surgery for the majority of his 18 year career. He is a natural leader, always stepping forward as a mentor. He goes out of his way to provide feedback and encourages others to give their best. He is patient and is the ‘go to’ person for both new and more experienced staff, to ask questions or for assistance when learning new skills, helping build confidence. He is a leader during codes and RACES on the floor and encourages peers to be involved.  He works with coworkers through problems and encourage them to think critically to reach their full potential.

Often the unit leader on nights and weekends, Bryce ensures all team members are comfortable on not overwhelmed. He checks in with the team and also helps out with patient care, even when he is ‘on the desk’. He is an advocate for patients and for the unit so that it has the best possible working and collegial environment. He goes above and beyond in so many ways; taking time to answer questions thoroughly and provides positive feedback for both patients and staff.

Bryce always finds a way to make people smile.  He is nurturing- like a big brother to many of his peers. He is their biggest team player.

“This award is a significant part of our celebration of Nurses Week. It highlights the qualities of nurses, their knowledge, skills, compassion and dedication to patient care, no matter what circumstances they are facing. Congratulations to Bryce and best wishes as we celebrate his achievement and Nurses week,” shared Joanne Laplante, Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive, NBRHC.

Leslie Burt-Manary was born in France in 1959, and graduated from Canadore College in North Bay as a Registered Nurse in 1979. She began working at the former Civic Hospital in 1987 and continued her career with NBRHC.

“Leslie loved being a nurse and often said, ‘It’s not just what I do, it’s who I am.’ Leslie had a positive outlook on life, and shared her cancer experience on social media in hopes of demystifying the journey and helping others. Her sense of humour and self-deprecating wit stayed with her throughout her illness,” said her mother, Pauline Burt.

“The endowment fund and bursary is a meaningful way to remember the impact Leslie had in motivating others to continue their education and aspire to become the best nurses they could be,” said Tammy Morison, President and CEO, NBRHC Foundation. “In 2018, the endowment fund was seeded with a donation from Mrs. Burt. We are pleased to announce that the $25,000 endowment threshold was recently reached and Leslie Burt-Manary Endowment Fund annual grant will now be sustained, grown and funded through interest,” she added.


Endowment Funds are established through a significant donation that is invested to earn annual interest or income. A portion of the income is reinvested to grow the fund and a portion granted to the Health Centre to provide ongoing resources to a care area important to you.

Bryce Cherry, RN and his colleagues on Inpatient Surgery

Ann Loyst, Vice President, Mental Health & Addictions, Joanne Laplante, Vice President & Chief Nursing Executive, Sarah Malott, RN, Grayson Malott-Cherry (front), Bryce Cherry, RN, (award recipient), Pauline Burt, Bill McCaskill, Manager, Inpatient Surgery, Chantal Gagne, Director, Medical & Surgical, Laura Hines, Coordinator, Inpatient Surgery, Tammy Morison, President & CEO, Foundation