Meet the Nicholson’s

Michael & Rosemary Nicholson,
Legacy Society members since 2011

Type of charitable bequest:

The Nicholson’s made a charitable bequest that is unrestricted; meaning it can be allocated to the area of our communities’ greatest health care needs. “We have seen our hospital go through many changes, growing to meet our community’s changing needs. That growth will most certainly continue in the future and I am comforted by the knowledge that, when the time comes, our gift will be allocated to the area of greatest impact – whatever that need may be.”

“I truly believe our entire region benefits when we have a strong hospital. We are dedicated to helping our community, both now and in the future.”

A bit of background:

The Nicholson family has lived in North Bay for three generations. Their grandparents, parents, and son, have all received care at NBRHC.

A registered nurse for over 30 years, Rosemary now serves as a clinical instructor for Nipissing University nursing students. Michael is a retired firefighter. Both have dedicated their careers to helping others.

Mike, Tyler and Rosemary Nicholson