Meet Kim Kanmacher

I had just returned home from Ottawa after completing the Canada 150 Run in 2017, when I noticed a lump in my armpit.

Health and wellness have always been top priorities in my life. My career was in the health sector, I am active in my community running group, embrace the wonderful lifestyle North Bay offers and get out on the water in my kayak whenever I have the chance.

I wasn’t very concerned when I felt this lump. It was in my armpit – what’s the worst it could be?

That same week the swelling had gone down so I planned on cancelling my appointment but with a busy schedule I had forgotten to call. I am so thankful that I forgot.

When I saw my doctor, I was immediately sent to North Bay Regional Health Centre for an ultrasound, which lead to a biopsy of the lump. I had gone to this appointment alone thinking nothing would come of it. My doctor told me to not be alarmed, they would likely extract fluid from the lump for lab tests.

It was my granddaughter’s first birthday. I’ll never forget that day. It was the day my doctor informed me I had breast cancer.

Kim Kanmacher

As my world was turning upside down, my team of healthcare providers took action. The same day I received my diagnosis, I had an appointment with my surgeon, Dr. David Lamont, who scheduled my surgery, right here in North Bay.

Having the equipment and expertise available in our community, at our hospital, thanks to donations by people like you and me, was incredibly important. Luckily, my cancer was caught early. Access to state-of-the-art technology and equipment close to home is critical to early detection and diagnosis, key factors impacting outcome.

Before surgery, I had a mammogram and another ultrasound, all done in North Bay. A small tumour was detected under my breast bone.

Thankfully, my surgery, recovery and chemotherapy all took place locally, at NBRHC, minutes from my house. It was such a relief and a blessing to be in my home community with my family and friends there to support me.

Cancer is horrible enough, having to travel long distances for treatment could have made it more difficult. I’m grateful for the skilled healthcare professionals and state-of-the-art equipment that we have access to in North Bay.

On March 28, 2018, I rang the bell, signifying the end of my treatment. That April, I ran a 5km fun run in Boston to celebrate. I’m all clear now, a full recovery, though I’ll continue visiting NBRHC for routine checkups for about five years.

Please join me in making a donation to our hospital today. Your gift will help purchase advanced medical equipment to care for you, your family and friends, right here at home in our community.

Supporting the Cancer Care, Close to Home campaign is important for me, my family and our entire community. When there is a cancer diagnosis in someone’s life, having new, state-of-the-art equipment helps for early detection and diagnosis, and quick referral for treatment.

It’s easy to make an important donation to your Health Centre and give the gift of health this holiday season. Simply click ‘donate now’.

Cancer isn’t welcome in anyone’s home, yet it arrives on doorsteps all over our community each day, affecting people you know and love. I can attest to the power your donation has for someone in our community who has overcome cancer.

Wishing you, your family and friend’s, health and happiness this holiday season.

– Kim Kanmacher

P.S. Please consider supporting your loved ones with a monthly donation. Your donations add up over time having a major impact on care at our hospital.