Luc & Cory Wedding Story

Luc & Cory Wedding Story

Getting hitched this summer? Already have two toasters, two beds, two sets of dishes…two of everything? Why not ask your guests to consider making donations to the North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation in lieu of wedding gifts. That’s what Luc Lalonde and Cory Boyer did when they got married November 24, 2018.   

Luc, who’s sat on the Foundation Board of Trustees for 10 years, is familiar with the challenges facing healthcare. “As a volunteer, I am kept up to date about our hospital needs. We are all getting older and at some point will require the services of the hospital,” says Luc.  

So, when wedding plans were underway, Cory suggested they ask family and friends to donate to the Foundation in lieu of wedding gifts. Luc was on board immediately.  

“Luc always came home from his board meetings with such enthusiasm about all the positive things happening at the hospital. It just felt like the right thing to do. When we decided to merge our lives together we had two of everything and certainly did not need more ‘stuff’. We are also financially secure and didn’t want or need to ask our friends and family for money,” says Cory.

Luc and Cory expressed their wishes in their wedding invitation.

“Being able to share the day with our family and friends is genuinely the best gift we could ask for. Should you wish to give us something we would appreciate a donation to the Cancer Care, Close to Home campaign.” 

“Our guests responded very well to the idea,” Cory recalls. “We ended up receiving 23 gifts.”

“It is an honour that Luc and Cory decided to include NBRHC in their special day,” says Tammy, Morison, President & CEO of the Foundation. “Our community is very generous when it comes to their hospital. We are grateful to receive tribute gifts throughout the year celebrating many important life events, including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and holidays.”

~ Luc and Cory ~

You can also celebrate your wedding day with your hospital by:

  • Making a donation in lieu of ‘wedding favours’. The Foundation is happy to supply couples with place cards acknowledging their donation.
  • Making a donation in lieu of a wedding gift. A card acknowledging your gift will be sent to the newlyweds in celebration of their marriage.

For more information about tribute giving, please contact NBRHC Foundation 705-495-8125.