Fernand Bois’ Story

Time is of the essence…

Busy grandfather, Fernand Bois experienced symptoms related to an enlarged prostate for over six months. He had difficulty urinating and never felt his bladder was fully empty. Medication worked to treat symptoms for a while, but eventually surgery was his only option to get back to normal.

The problem: Fernand has a heart stent and is taking anticoagulants (heart medication). Because, Fernand was unable to stop taking his heart medication without risking heart complications, he was ineligible for the traditional TURP surgery. The risk of bleeding out while on anticoagulants is too great.

In February 2014, Fernand received prostate surgery thanks to the GreenLight Laser.

“I was sensitive for a few days after surgery, then all of the sudden no more pain, no more problems. The best part, I no longer need to remember to take medication.”

-Fernand Bois

Because the GreenLight Laser vapourizes tissue instead of cutting it, there is less chance of blood loss. The impact:

Patients who are unable to cease their heart medication for health reasons are eligible for surgery