Emmette & Elva Mae Busch

Emmette and Elva

Emmette Busch worked as a heavy equipment operator and truck driver on construction and his wife, Elva Mae, was an optical technician with American Optical Company. With no children of their own, they were very involved in their local community, both volunteering with the Callander Legion, and Emmette called square dances. Elva would always be right there dancing along.

 “We did everything together,” Emmette reflects, “Elva Mae was the love of my life.” They were married for 52 years before Elva succumbed to cancer in April 2010.

“Before she passed, I remember our community was raising money for its first MRI and Elva Mae made me promise I would make a donation to help our community purchase it. Helping the hospital was important to Elva, because our gift would be a gift for everybody. The entire community. She wanted to help everybody that needs care.”

Elva Mae’s passion and generosity continues to drive and inspire Emmette. He has given generously to his hospital since her passing. Modest, he simply says, “I am honouring her memory.”

“Community was really important to both of us, which is why we included charity in our Will,” says Emmette. “I know that when I’m gone, Elva Mae’s memory will live on helping our community and hospital.” Emmette has included three of his and Elva Mae’s favourite charities in his Will.

In just the short time since Elva has passed, Emmette has witnesses immense change at his hospital – from the opening of the new Health Centre, to the purchase of the community’s first MRI and a second CT scanner.  Recognizing that technology and medicine is always changing and improving, Emmette takes pride knowing that his and Elva Mae’s donation will continue to support the health of their community into the future.

~ Emmette Busch ~

Emmette calling square dances