Luke, Emma and Rosie McQuarrie Story

Julie Ouellet

My husband Luke and I welcomed our beautiful daughter Rosie into the world during the early spring of 2022. Being first time parents, we were not at all familiar with labour and delivery. Fortunately, for us our experience was just amazing. Everyone was incredibly kind to us and reassuring, which made our experience so much easier.

Because of our wonderful experience, we wanted to recognize our three nurses for their outstanding care and compassion towards not only me as the patient but to my entire family.  Throughout our whole experience, they were there for us whenever we needed them.

Jade Mckie was our night nurse; she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. I even became emotional when having to say goodbye because of how well she took care of me.

Jessica Luckett was my day nurse; she expressed so much empathy and attention. I never felt like a patient, I felt more like a friend.

Chrystie Greer was with me from the beginning of my labour and delivery journey and was present for a few follow-up appointments as well. She was always so compassionate, encouraging and helpful every time and it all meant so much.

Luke, Rosie and I are eternally grateful for their care and we will forever cherish having gone through this life changing experience with them.

For more information on how to honour someone with a Golden Heart Award, contact the NBRHC Foundation at 705-495-8125.


Learn more about this program in the Grateful Family Brochure.

~ Luke, Emma and baby Rosie McQuarrie ~