Dr. Bola Sogbein

Dr Bola Sogbein - North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation

Hi! I’m Dr. Bola Sogbein. I’m a radiologist working in the Diagnostic Imaging Unit at the North Bay Regional Health Centre (NBRHC).

In 2021, I was thrilled for the opportunity to return to North Bay with my wife and young family. Growing up here, I enjoyed many incredible experiences including sports (too many to list!), my education, volunteering as a high school student, and accompanying my parents to work. My father is a retired urologist and my mother was Chief Nursing Officer at the former Northeast Mental Health Centre. It was their dedication to their work, and my love of this area, that inspired me to come back to serve the people and patients in my home community.

My work brings me together with a diverse range of healthcare experts in the province including those in urology, surgery, cardiology, orthopaedics and more. As a radiologist, I specialize in nuclear medicine and have a passion for the physics involved. I’ll try not to get carried away sharing my enthusiasm for isotopes, science and technology as I explain how you can help transform care at your hospital.

Are you familiar with the Nuclear Medicine Department at NBRHC?

Nuclear medicine uses radioactive ‘tracers’ (isotopes) to diagnose and treat diseases by imaging the function of organs and tissues to ensure they are functioning properly. This aids in the early detection and management of many medical conditions including cancer, cardiac, orthopaedic, and more.

Thanks to the generosity of our community, the department currently has one SPECT/CT machine and two SPECT machines – I know the two similar names are confusing, but these are different yet complementary tools. SPECT stands for Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography – quite the mouthful!

Unlike x-rays, MRI scans, or mammograms, the SPECT/CT isn’t often mentioned in mainstream media so you may not be familiar with it. You may have visited us for a scan and were unaware we were using SPECT/CT machine!

There are three major challenges currently facing the Nuclear Medicine Department at NBRHC:

  1. Aging Equipment – The current machines are more than 13 years old and will no longer be serviceable by the end of this year! That means if something breaks, it can’t be fixed and can no longer be used.
  2. Increased Demand –Nearly 70% of the work we do uses SPECT/CT. New machines offer both types of scans – isolated SPECT scans and SPECT/CT scans – with one machine.
  3. Outdated technologyNew equipment features artificial intelligence (AI) that can help enhance imaging, aiding the diagnostic process. It also allows us to add new diagnostic and treatment programs that aren’t currently offered in North Bay.

Together, we can overcome these challenges! 

I’m writing to ask you to please join me in supporting a critical technology upgrade for our community. Your donation will allow us to have two (2) SPECT/CT machines at NBRHC! 

The estimated cost to purchase two new SPECT/CTS, and the renovations required to install them, is $4.3 million; together we can make this project possible. Please consider making a donation to support this critical equipment upgrade and program expansion today.  

Everyday, I see first-hand the incredible impact our community’s generosity has on care provided through diagnostic imaging. Your generosity inspires me! You and the patients we care for are why all radiologists at NBRHC personally donate to our local hospital. 

Your donation will help transform patient care for our community. The addition of a second SPECT/CT will not only deliver shorter wait times and enhanced imaging, it will also broaden local diagnostic and treatment programs – allowing our hospital to offer more personalized and precise medical solutions for patients in our community.

Please consider making your donation towards this important community project today. Donating is easy. You can make your donation online at nbrhcfoundation.ca, by calling the Foundation at 705-495-8125.

Your generous contribution will propel our hospital into a new era of technological advancement, improving access to care and ensuring our ability to adapt swiftly to emerging technologies and additional enhancements as they unfold.

Thank you for your past generosity, and I hope we can count on you to support this important community project. 

With gratitude,
Dr. Bola Sogbein

P.S. This is the future of nuclear medicine and patient care at NBRHC and only you can help take us there. Your generosity plays a pivotal role in ensuring patients in our community can continue to receive specialized care close to home.