Donna Backer’s Story

This is the story of the first love of my life…

My dad, Quinto Marchione, was courageous, loving, strong, genuine and loyal. His smile and laugh could light up any room.

It was 1954, when 20 year old Quinto voyaged by boat over the Atlantic and migrated to North Bay. He was welcomed with open arms by many family and friends.

Dad always had a passion for music. His amazing tenor voice was heard at countless weddings, the Davedi Club Men’s Choir, as well as in the choir loft of numerous churches for over 50 years.

But in May 2006 a colonoscopy unleashed the start of an unforgiving battle. Cancer.

Stage 4 Colon Cancer is what they called it… there isn’t a stage 5.

During treatments, Dad developed relationships with other patients, doctors, nurses and technicians. He always commented on how wonderful, friendly and caring these people were and enjoyed their company. He developed an unwavering appreciation for the nurses in the cancer clinic. Dad even sang to them and the other patients during their long chemo infusions!

February 2009 Dad started having trouble walking. A large tumor was growing on his back and pushing on his spine. After a week of intensive radiation in Sudbury, Dad came back to the North Bay Hospital, where he would spend his last days.

Sunday, February 15th, 2009, surrounded by his family, Quinto took his last breath.

In the days immediately following a death there is so much to do, decisions to be made and lots of tears. One easy decision was to have donations in Dad’s memory be made to the North Bay Regional Health Centre Cancer Clinic.

Family and friends were so generous and we reached the $2,000 threshold to have his name added to the Memorial Wall. It’s a beautiful dedication to Dad. Whenever we come to the hospital we always pass by this wall and pass our hand by dad’s name…it gives us a sense of closeness even though we don’t see him.

Your tribute donation helps provide our caring hospital staff tools and equipment to keep our loved ones close to home during their treatment and recovery.