Cancer Care Close to Home

Cancer Care Close to Home | When everyday is a journey, we want to stay close to home.

It gave me quite a scare that day in June 2015 – my urine was the colour of red wine.

As spring gets closer and I start preparing for the gardening season, I reflect on that day.

I had come home from helping my grandson build his house and was feeling tired but accomplished, when I was shocked to discover I was passing blood in my urine.

After a trip to our hospital emergency department and then a visit to my family doctor I was quickly booked in to see Dr. Goldfarb.

A CT scan showed that I had a tumour in my bladder. It was the size of a golf ball! I was scheduled for surgery at NBRHC where Dr. Goldfarb removed the tumour.

Despite the quick action by my doctors, my cancer was aggressive and unfortunately, both my bladder and prostate had to be removed.

Today I am cancer free, and my life is back to normal.

Conrad Rancourt

Without the generosity of our community, my experience may have been different and could have involved a lot of travel. Thanks to your donations, our hospital has the equipment needed to care for us.

You can help patients like me receive care close to home by making a donation.

Sometimes I get worried that my cancer will come back, especially when I have a follow up appointment scheduled. But you won’t see me moping around.  I know we have an extraordinary care team to catch it early…

Plus, there’s too much to do; like looking after things: chickens to feed, gardening, and wood to chop. If I do have a down day, you’ll likely find me in my wood shop or visiting my son and grandsons next door at their sawmill. I’m not one to sit around.

I am so grateful I received all of my care in North Bay.

You hear so many stories about people traveling to Sudbury or Toronto, and nobody wants to travel when they’re sick.

I’m lucky.

I never had to leave town once to see a doctor. It’s expensive to travel and I don’t want to stay in a hotel. We have good doctors who we know here. They care about you. They know each other. The care is more personal in town.

That’s why our donations are so important. Make your donation to the NBRHC Foundation and it’ll help all of us get great care here at home.

If we can help get the equipment that will allow more people like me to stay in North Bay when they’re sick – that’s huge.

Having care close to home saves lives. It means less travel, shorter wait times, and quick referrals for surgery and treatment to help us recover and get back to the things we enjoy.

You never know when you’ll need the services of our hospital. We have to make sure it has the best equipment and that it is here when we need it.

Please make a donation today.

– Conrad Rancourt