Meet: Bob and Frankie Syme

Legacy Society members since 2013.

Type of charitable Bequest:

Because of the care they received at the hospital the Symes were inspired to make annual donations. They are extending their legacy of giving beyond their lifetime by naming the hospital in their Will along with their children and two of their other favourite charities. A percentage of their estate will support advanced medical equipment for future generations.

β€œWe enjoy knowing the fruits of our working years will be helping others. We have had great care and treatment over the past few years dealing with heart issues, two hip replacements and intestinal disorders.”

A bit of background:

Bob and Frankie consider themselves as β€œpeople who come from ordinary backgrounds.” Frankie worked for Bell Canada, while Bob came from a rich military background and also served his country.

A blended family with five children, six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, Bob and Frankie believe in caring for others as well as taking care of themselves. β€œWe believe in and try to live in a lifestyle that radiates warmth, kindness and hospitality.”