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Hi there! I'm Magi.

Hi there! I’m Magi, the NBRHC magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine. You’ve probably never received a letter from an MRI machine before, and honestly, I’ve never written one before!


I’d like to tell you a story about a little girl I met the other day. She’s ten years old – the same age as me! I could tell she was really nervous when the MRI technologist brought her into my room. It was her first time visiting me.

Magi 1.png

As she sat down on my table, I could feel her begin to relax as the technologist explained how the scan would work and that I would take good care of her. I began moving my table into my bore (donut-like frame). Did you know, my bore is wider than most other MRI machines? It’s true – this really helps, as some people are nervous in tight spaces and this makes it more comfortable for them.


Thirty minutes later, we were all done and the pictures I took of the inside of the little girl’s body were sent to my radiologist friends down the hall to examine. Then she was on her way.


Each year, I see over 8,000 patients just like this little girl. Young, old, big, small.


Recently I celebrated my 10th birthday! February 11, 2011 was the day I moved into my home at NBRHC. Do you remember that day? This special day was made possible thanks to generous donations from people like you!


I arrived on a truck and was hoisted by a crane through a hole in the back of the hospital building. I was so excited to start taking care of people living in North Bay. Before I arrived, patients used to travel many hours for their scans. I was excited to get to work!


Ten years. Wow! That’s old for an MRI machine - and I’m in desperate need of an upgrade to make sure I can still take care of you and your loved ones. Will you help me?


Think about the technology you use every day; your cell phone for example. How often do you replace it? Most people do every two to three years. And with each upgrade the technology and features are enhanced, like picture quality, battery life, and functionality.  


Your donation will help me receive a major technological overhaul and upgrade. Good news - is my large donut magnet can stay – saving our community and hospital a lot of money. For $1.3 million I’ll be good as new. (A full replacement would have cost $3 to $5 million!)


Ten years doesn’t seem like that long ago, but in ten years I’ve conducted 72,357 scans on patients. Because of my large bore and specialized table that can support up to 550lbs, I am unique and in demand, not only seeing patients from North Bay, but also getting referrals from communities as far away as Moose Factory.


Your donation will help ensure I can continue caring for patients in our region. Right now, my biggest fear is going down for maintenance or a major repair and forcing people to go back to the old ways – long wait times and traveling to larger city centers for their scans. I take so much pride in my job - the ability to care for you and provide a swift diagnosis of heart conditions, stroke, tumours and more, so you can get started with the right treatment.


Please donate today and help make sure that I’m here to care for you and your loved ones when you need me.


In gratitude,



Your trusted MRI

Enhancing your healthcare, close to home.

50 College Drive, PO Box 2500, North Bay, ON  P1B 5A4 

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